Our Process​

Single-Estate, Organic, Blue Weber Agave, Grown in Amititán, Jalisco

We use organic, single estate, Blue Weber agave, grown in the mineral-rich, volcanic soils of Jalisco, Mexico. Our agave plants are meticulously cared for over a span of seven years before the Jimadors harvest the piña, the heart of the agave, weighing between 80 and 200 pounds.  This step in the process is quite lengthy, but we refuse to rush the process, as this is a key step in establishing the quality of tequila that you deserve.

Cooked Slowly and Carefully in Stone and Brick Ovens

After harvest agave piñas are transferred from the fields to the distillery where they undergo a careful cooking process in stone and brick ovens.  After receiving some sauna time, the piñas are crushed to separate the syrupy liquid (called Aguamiel) from the fibers.  The Aguamiel waits patiently to undergo the next step in becoming the magical drink of tequila.

The Aguamiel Undergoes a Double Distillation Process in Stainless Steel Tanks

The Aguamiel undergoes a double distillation process in stainless steel tanks, resulting in a natural, organic, and additive-free blanco tequila sure to please the palate.  After this step is completed Tezcazul Blanco Tequila is ready to be enjoyed by everyone looking for a tequila that captures the spirit of mexico! 

Nurtured Slowly in American Oak Whiskey Barrels, Imparting Complexity

Aging tequila is an artful skill that we masterfully execute. Our tequilas are nurtured slowly, allowing time to work its magic. Our satisfyingly smooth blanco tequila serves as the foundation for the rest of our tequila selections.  Our seasoned American Oak whiskey barrels provide the perfect environment for our tequila. The barrel imparts a darker hue and deeper flavor, resulting in a complex aroma and taste profile. The distinction between Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo lies in the time spent in the barrel.  Our reposado has a short siesta of 9 months and the añejo rests for 18 months in a barrel.  Finally the extra añejo is the epitome of a slow, nurturing process, maturing in a barrel for over 60 months. This well-aged tequila deserves the title and recognition of a distinguished, unique, and finely handcrafted Tequila.


Our mission is to bring you the highest quality tequila that will bring joy to your palate. We take great pride in our commitment to quality and dedication to tradition, offering not only a great tasting, enjoyable tequila but also a tequila that is created with the spirit of Mexico at its heart.

Capture The Night

Great stories originate from exciting experiences and memorable moments, shared with family and friends. We have created our pure and artisanal Tezcazul Tequila, inspired by our passion and admiration for this magical spirit to compliment your life’s stories.


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